Update on Alpha v.1 Roadmap

I’d written about the roadmap here – so now it’s time for an update!

Intro story when you start the game: This has been added, and a bit of backstory is also available. PLUS if you signed up before this was added, you can speak with Capriste to get the backstory again!

Quest system and Quest log in the popup: We now have a quest system, as I’d written about in this post. In addition, Capriste shows you the quest log – so be sure to check with her from time to time. Your own ‘Quest diary’ button? That’s something to look forward to in the future.

Background image: This was added. The water backdrop that you see on the main map – at least it doesn’t look like an island surrounded by endless void!

Wearable item slots: You now have these! Helm, amulet, cape, armour [body], bracelet, shield, weapon, ring, boots. But items have not been made, once they are we’ll release them to you. For now you can get a crossbow and a sword on the mainland, at the training range north of Bradshaw.

Teleport functions: Added! You can use this through the summary menu [button in the top-right corner of your screen] => Teleports section. Currently just one, but you’ll be able to earn more teleports through quests. There are 15 different teleport points already [which will be enabled for you in time].

Donation tracking: You can now check the counter for the month on the donations page.

We were planning some limited edition collectables for donors, but the one donor we have at this point has asked for some more quests – so we’ll be honouring his request! Donor collectables is pushed forward.

New objectives added:

  • Custom cursors that indicate action possibilities – at least basic ‘talk’ and ‘attack’ cursors would help I think
  • Shop buying should be completed [sell to shop can be done later]
  • Monster name should show the level of the monster, with some sort of level comparison indicator red/amber/green so you know whether this monster will likely kill you, or not.
  • I want to get at least these quests ready:
    • Shelley’s mom [done, but wants slight rework]
    • Get to frozen skull [one npc left]
    • Forest maze [partly done]
    • Mushroom from the Centre of the World [partly done]
    • Kill rats for Stefan [done]

That’s it folks! Remember to watch my stream on and join my discord at for a quick feedback route! Thank you.