Roadmap for Alpha v.1

As you all know, development of the Ocuara MMORPG started in December 2019, and has come to a point we’d like to make a sustained effort toward getting players onboard, and genuine user feedback. Currently it’s just been family and friends trying it out and sharing their guidance – which I’m certainly grateful for. But building a strong community that can contribute to a game they love, and love a game they’ve contributed to – is important. The minimum for this is an Alpha v.1 release, of course.

I would like at least these basic features in place before we do an Alpha v.1 release for the general public, and maybe then put it on and do a couple of Twitch videos.

  1. Intro story when you start the game
    • Maybe some kind of option to re-read the intro for those who started playing before this
  2. Quest system and Quest log in the popup
  3. Custom cursors that indicate action possibilities – at least basic ‘talk’ and ‘attack’ cursors would help I think
  4. Background image – important, as without this it looks very drab
  5. Make at least one item for each slot – helm, amulet, cape, armour [body], bracelet, shield, weapon, ring, boots
  6. Some interface improvements
  7. Definitely need to add teleport functions for easier movement throughout Ocuara – the map has started getting biggish
  8. Need to add some method to track donations automatically. It bothers me when a system as well automated as a web based game needs a manual update for a minor accounting activity…
  9. Some form of limited edition in-game benefit for our beloved donors.

That’s it for the first Alpha v.1 release I guess. I’ll also add in videos and blog posts about some of the already built features – movement, chat, combat, items [pick, drop, use, combine].

I’m aiming to have this done in March.

After that, we need to look for more contributors for art, story and other game content. I will keep the programming stuff to myself for now, but will begin opening up pieces for others to take on over time.