Fund #GameDev of Ocuara MMORPG

Recd. vs Funding target this month: .

If you’ve played the game and found it awesome, do consider donating to help fund ongoing development. Read on to know more about why we need your help! I’m sure you’ll love the in-game user benefits and rewards.

Our payment gateway is Paypal. They support transactions all over the world, and credit cards are supported without the need to create a Paypal account.

  • Of course every cent donated lets us continue to work on the game. The money goes toward: Domain & Server cost, Artwork purchase/freelance. We – the game masters – will not take funds until the game is self-supporting!
  • Fun benefits in-game:
    • A week’s access to unique areas such as:
      1. Warmonger’s Arena (on a unique map, as yet unnamed) [$100 minimum]
      2. Blacksmith’s Hovel (in Hell – next to the Hell Forge) [$100 minimum]
      3. Wise Man’s Grotto (deep in the forest of Draf) [$100 minimum]
    • Special followers that transmute – such as a werewolf pet that becomes a wolf-man for about a week around the full moon, and helps you in battles! [$50 minimum]
    • Special items – such as Rings of ESP, Amulets of Ultimate Speed [$10 minimum]
  • Strange and fascinating rewards – such as unique test area maps and ‘make-your-own-quest’ features that NO OTHER MMO offers you [$500 minimum]
  • Less than $10 – Access to special pre-release quests that are a month away from public release! Everyone gets something awesome, just by being a part of our community.
  • Support us with any amount, and we’ll gladly include you in a live conversation on our Twitch stream! [subject some T&C and schedule constraints].