Stretch Goals

Our objective is to make an awesome Retro MMORPG that will be fun to play AND maintain – so naturally some things take a back seat. It’s not like I don’t want to do these, it’s just that there’s limited time. Bandwidth is limited as well – so the following will be “Stretch Goals” that we’ll do when we’re able to generate a certain level of funding FOR the game.

Amounts noted are TOTAL funding goals – the moment we cross this we’ll plan for the corresponding feature.

  • $500+: Player leaderboard for currencies [coins, crowns, gold, diamonds], hidden items, quest completion, character level, and level-per-skill [eg. top in Attack or Defence].
  • $800+: Choice of character class – which is added as a permanent tag on the character – eg: undead class gives high stab resist but poor fire resist, dryad class gives high regen rate, etc. We have thought up over 12 different classes! But once we cross this threshold we’ll figure out which ones to add, in collaboration with you all in our Twitch stream.
  • $1000+: Creation of Magic! Items, quests, NPCs, staves, wands, magic attacks! And a magic skill tree.
  • $1500+: Characters Graphic Upgrade! We will get an awesome pixel artist onboard who can help us revitalize our game art – in this goal we’ll be getting new outfits (at least: skirts, blouses and accessories for the ladies + t-shirts and shorts for the guys. Plus some headgear and variety of shoes – we won’t add any new slots here)
  • $2000+: Hell has frozen over! Part of hell is now ice! New sub-map in Hell which has some awesome new mid-level [Level 40-50] enemies. Plus one instance dungeon after you clear the quest in this region! Isn’t that a bargain.
  • $3000+: Sealed doors, chests and other stuff that you can only open with a special item: eg. key or bomb. This is in addition to the already existing hidden items on the map – so there’s that much more to explore and find! Some of these will be UNIQUE items that will NEVER be duplicated.
  • $5000+: More revive locations! Each with it’s own benefits / disadvantages – choose one that suits your style.

These stretch goals of course are in addition to the overall game plan. Do you feel the game was fun and that some of these goals would be really awesome to have in-game? Then consider supporting the development – every bit counts toward the next stretch goal!