Real Time Combat in Ocuara [Preview]

Ocuara MMORPG has a real-time combat system. Not only can you fight monsters in real time, you can also see other players fighting in real time.

The video below shows me and another of our testers trying out different things. I was testing the auto-retaliate function while recording [I’m the player in the middle with the yellow square] – and my colleague was running around acting all high-and-mighty-knight-in-shining-armour. He’s trying out the real time combat aspect while checking the logs to make sure nothing goes awry.

[update] I received some feedback about my recording framerate. I just found that the settings were at 15fps!!! That totally explains the jerky look of the video. I promise the game runs much smoother… And I’ll update the setting for future video recordings.

Over time, we’ve realized that combat – especially real time combat – is a valuable part of the gaming satisfaction experience. It just doesn’t feel ‘fun’ unless you’re slashing, bashing or killing something – and I think it’s down to how gaming has evolved over time. We can debate that – but essentially quality combat that yields good rewards is always deemed a positive gaming experience.

Why don’t you come over and try the game – it’s free to play and negligible effort to sign up. Head over to and start right away!