More about the Game

To keep things simple, just penning down our thoughts in a point-wise form.

  • Simple 2D sprites and 2D gameworld
  • Proper MMO – multiplayer, everyone shares the gamespace
  • Massive world, a total of 300,000 tiles and counting!
  • Customizable characters – every player can choose how they look
  • Large range of optional skills – so you can choose what you want to learn and what you wish to ignore
  • Elemental affinities over and above learnable skills
  • 8-Direction Movement – so you get more of a 3D feel [we may re-make the game in 3D in future]
  • Quest engine – a quest is written like a story, and the Quest engine interprets it and brings it to life!

That apart, we’re looking for awesome people who can contribute to:

  • Content creation – write quests, create characters and items – let your imagination roam free!
  • Artists – a game doesnt exist without an awesome artist behind it – and we are always on the lookout for good talent.